3 Sacrifices You Must Make to Be Financially Free

Sacrifice #1: Current Job

Paulo A. José
8 min readNov 8, 2021


Photo by @alexkixa / unsplash

Quick question: are you satisfied with how much you earn?
Stop, think, and answer honestly.

Is the amount of money you currently receive way above average?
Or is it just enough to keep up with the bills?

Or — even worse — do you think it is too little money?

If you are currently between 25 and 45 years old, you should be living the best years of your life.

This is the stage of life when, historically, you should be enjoying the most growth in your professional career.

A completed college degree, a great job, marriage, a good car, your own house…

In short, a normal, prosperous life.

At least this is how it was until recently.

With each passing generation, things got better and better.

Think, for example, about the life of your great-grandfather, your great-grandmother…

As a rule, it was a very simple life.

In some cases, they lacked even the basics of daily life, lived in a simple place, had no school education…

If you have an old photo (something rare, because photos were a luxury item), you will see that everyone was very simple.

Then came the next generation, their grandparents.

At this point, there is an improvement in the quality of life.

They already live in a better place and, in some cases, even manage to complete their studies.

It is still a simple life, but it is better than the life of their parents.

We follow with the next generation: their parents.

Here a great evolution has taken place.

Compared to the previous generation, their parents had more education, lived in better places, earned a higher income, and had more benefits.

I know there are exceptions, but this is the rule for most families.

Now we come to your generation…

The current generation.