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Improve your personal finances by resisting social pressure

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Have you ever had a hamburger made entirely from vegetables, with a slice of eggplant instead of beef?

I did, but I hadn’t planned to cross the red line one day, I just got carried away by hungry and enthusiastic friends.

During and after the meal (the burger was surprisingly…

School as it is, it cannot teach us how to manage our money

The Problem of Not Teaching Your Children About Money
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Why school doesn’t teach us how to manage our money is a mystery.

Listing all the things that school has not taught us is a long task. Managing our money is clearly one of them.

First of all, it should be recognized that money is indirectly evoked in school through…

Net worth is an essential part of financial freedom

The Most Important Financial Indicator Is Not Necessarily Your Net Worth — Here’s Why Net worth is an essential part of financial freedom
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When you begin your journey to financial freedom it often gives you that feeling to measure your net worth, i.e. the value of your liquid assets.

The beginning of this journey is often marked by heavy consumption of content about financial independence in blog articles, podcasts, newsletters, online videos, books…

Discover how to earn an extra $50 per day, and you could literally become a millionaire

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Time is not money, money is time

Besides my 9-to-5 job, Side hustle, gig economy, sharing economy, or creator economy are all jobs that work very well for me.

While not every Side hustle is scalable, they are flexible enough that you can do them when you are available and…

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